Still Going Strong…

This week started out brilliantly, I was eating all the right things and loving it and then Thursday happened. What was wrong with Thursday? Absolutely nothing and everything all at once.

Thursday was a brilliant day in our family as it was my hubby’s 36th birthday so we had a morning of gift giving before school where the kids and I gave the usual random beers, some car air fresheners covered with our faces, the big box of Carcassonne with eleven expansions included and Terraforming Mars (we are big lovers of board, card and tabletop games in this house) then we had a quick visit from my mum to give more gifts (all Warhammer and The Expanse related … yes, we are those nerds!) and we have this thing where whoever is celebrating their birthday gets to pick the main meal for the day.

My hubby is a HUGE fan of the colour beige when it comes to food and he loves stodge so I knew that given the choice, he would opt for something wayyyyyyy off plan … and I was fine with that. I decided before I started this weight loss attempt that I’m still going to join in with events like this because I think that if I’m too strict with myself, like I’ve tried to be in the past, that I’ll just fail miserably like every other time so I was looking forward to our treat. Plus, I want to enjoy myself too!

The food of choice was a family meal deal from Domino’s which consisted of two large stuffed crust pizzas, garlic bread for him, wedges for me and a serving of Cinnidippers for pud. It was a lot of food, it was greasy and it was glorious!

Now this is normally where I would fall off of the wagon completely because, why bother? (apparently, the 17th is the day when most people give up their New Year resolutions) but no! I woke up the next day, made myself my muesli in yogurt with fresh strawberries, an omelette for lunch and a homemade cottage pie for dinner. I didn’t have to psyche myself up for this stuff in the slightest, I actually looked forward to it! Ladies and gents, I may have found the diet that works for me!

Fast forward a few days and you find my mum, daughter and I heading into the city for a shopping trip. I had it all planned out that I was going to have a jacket potato from the guy that stands in the city centre but he wasn’t there! This left me in a mess as I don’t know the city well at all, I hate, and get crazy anxious in, crowds (trust it to also be a footie day at home!) and everywhere I looked there was nothing but take-out and cake shops! After a while we gave in and ended up in McDonalds for a really underwhelming Big Mac meal because at that point, we just couldn’t be bothered.

I was really annoyed with myself when I got home but I carried on as normal, made us a chilli for the evening and woke up Sunday carrying on with the plan as normal.

With all the shit I’ve put in my body last week, I expected to stay the same (thinking the good would help balance out the bad) or to see a gain so imagine my sever surprise when I found a loss of 2.6lbs! I’ll take that and run with it thank you very much!

This week I’m expecting the same kind of crappy week towards the end as on Thursday it is my daughters 6th birthday and that kid loves to go to restaurants so I have no idea where we will end up that evening. We will also be visiting my in-laws to celebrate both the hubs and daughters birthday with family that we haven’t seen yet so that will also be a food shit-show – but I’ve been expecting that, so won’t hold my hopes too high for Monday’s weigh in.

After this weekend we don’t really have anything going on until March so it should be pretty plain sailing until then.

This week I have learned that I can celebrate with family, not miss out and still get myself back on track the next day. I think I may have picked the wrong couple of weeks to start a diet though πŸ˜›

How was your week? I hope you had a good one

Take care,



Reward System

I had previously been thinking about if I should reward myself for victories on the scale and if so, then what form these rewards should take but I forgot all about it until I read Danielle’sΒ post over at Half the Girl I Used to be.

I looked back in my food diary and found my list out so for each stone I’ll be rewarding myself something along the lines of this…

1 stone = Tattoo of daughters handwriting on arm

2 stone = Some new kicks – possibly a pair of Cons … we will see how the mood takes me

3 stone = A new dress, probably from as I love their range and right now I’m somewhat obsessed with this Newt Scamander inspired dress!

4 stone = A new, short hair style and colour. I’ve wanted to go short for such a long time but don’t have the confidence to try it partly because of my chunky chops!

5 stone = Another tattoo of some form – I’m hoping that I’ll feel confident enough in myself to have it done between and under my boobs but who knows?!?!

6 stone = A whole new outfit … or maybe a couple depending on how my wardrobe looks at the time – to be fair, I’m expecting it to be in dire need of an overhaul.

7 stone = A family portrait if everyone is game, if not then maybe some boudoir shots for the hub … if I have the confidence to go through with it!

That will leave me 2lbs off of my target 100. If When I lose those I don’t know what I’ll do to be honest. The fact that I will have lost 100lbs is probably reward enough … but then another sneaky tattoo won’t hurt either πŸ˜›

What would you have as a reward for reaching your goals?

Take care,


It’s Weigh-In Time…

Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnnn!

I hold my hand up, I had a terrible, awful, crap filled Saturday and I knew that I would because it had been planned in advance and it’s been something that we’ve been looking forward to for a while. So it happened and I enjoyed every minute … but then I didn’t because Saturday evening I felt sick as a dog and yesterday I was begging to get back to the muesli and veg!

This morning was time for my weigh in and I was dreading it. All week I’ve been saying to my hubby “How can I eat this much and still lose weight?!?!” because the diets I’ve tried previously have all been calorie counted or portion controlled to the point where I was left feeling hungry, like I hadn’t eaten at all due to the small size of portion and I was absolutely fucking miserable! Then I’d weigh in, nothing much would happen and I’d give in before I really got started … I mean what’s the point in putting in all the effort, getting very little reward and being miserable at the end of it right?

Well I’ve actually enjoyed this past week, I’ve loved piling my plate sky high with veggies, I’ve liked trying new food combinations, hell, I’ve even enjoyed eating breakfast which is something I’ve never done before so things were going well but I felt like I’d gain rather than lose – same old, same old – especially as I had a bad Saturday.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scales to reveal a loss of 3lb. It might not sound like much to some for a first week, but for me that’s a) more than I normally lose and b) a three pound loss when I have eaten until I’m full, like “I have to leave some on my plate because there is no more space inside me” full, not “oh, I’m trying to be better so I’ll only eat part of my serving” full. I’m happy, like really, really happy and I’m excited to see what this week brings!

Oh and we are off out for a meal on Thursday as it’s the hub’s birthday so that’s probably going to be a shocker too. I’ll be interested to see what happens on the scales on Monday.

Anyways, that’s where I am today,

Have a good one,


Better Planning Needed…

I thought that I’d planned out my meals well but then I started getting fed up of omelette and realised I had very little else in to replace it with – apparently I don’t rank lunch very high on my list of shopping priorities! Hopefully I’ll do better next week.

So I fancied a change from an omelette yesterday which had me taking a walk out to our local corner shop. This is a trip that I have been dreading as my normal shopping behaviour in this shop is to get whatever I need and then, when I go to pay, I’d buy two chocolate bars … most of the time they would both be eaten before I got home.

I am pleased to be able to say that I walked by them without even taking a glance in their direction. I don’t know if it’s just “new dieter determination” which had me breezing by (and not actually feeling like I’ve missed out by not having them) but I’m hoping that this can be start of my new normal!

So I fell asleep before posting yesterday so I’m sticking two food diaries into one post. Yesterday for breakfast I had my trusty muesli with a strawberry yogurt but this time I had it with a selection of defrosted fruits which contained strawberries, raspberries, blackberries (some of which seemed bigger than my head, black and red currants and blueberries. I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of blackcurrants nor blueberries but the rest was passable – I would much prefer fresh fruit with it though!

As the choice at the shop was limited, I ended up getting a jacket potato, salad leaves and I added some carrot, some beans and a sprinkling of cheese. I also held off on the marge which is something that I normally drown a potato in, so I felt pretty good after munching my way through that.

Our evening meal was a chicken dinner with a plate full of veg. We had roasted potato, carrot, parsnip and cauliflower, broccoli and kale with some synned gravy to finish it all off. I love a good roast dinner and I held off of making yorkshire puddings too which is a first!

Today started off the same way with the muesli but I decided that I didn’t want to mix any fruit in with my muesli so I had a banana (insert crude jokes and comments from the hubby) on the school run and sat down to my muesli when I got home.

Lunch was back to making do with what we had in so it was back to an omelette. This time I added wafer thin ham, a little cheese, green, red and yellow pepper and spinach served with beans again. It was the nicest one I’ve had so far and not bad for a leftover scramble!

Dinner this evening was supposed to be some chicken goujons but I couldn’t be bothered so I made myself a mini stir-fry with the chicken, some left over broccoli, more pepper and some soy sauce and synned rice to finish. It was soooooo much better than I expected and will definitely be one that I cook again though I will be adding more veg.

So now we are heading into the weekend! It’s going to be quite a disjointed one as my hubby is going out for the weekend gaming with his friends so I’m taking my daughter to her Razzamataz class tomorrow and staying there for the 2.5 hours whilst her class runs as it’s too far for me to walk back home from to then walk back to get her at kick out – I’m hoping that I can keep her brother entertained whilst we are there!

Well I’ll leave it here for the weekend – have a good one!

Take care,


Food Diary – Day 3

Well it’s day three and I haven’t deviated nor cheated with my food so far … I’m sure that beats my last weight loss attempt! I do feel really hungry today though, don’t know what that’s about?!?!

So today started with what I think is going to just be the way for me going forwards. It was another 1 syn Muller Light (Raspberry and cranberry flavour this time though) with my serving of Jordans muesli (Healthy B) and some free raspberries to mix in. It does look a right state – in fact it reminded me of that scene in The Golden Child where the kid has a bowl of oatmeal and when he pushes his spoon in it, it kinda bleeds … mmmm delish! – but it is actually really bloody yummy … excuse the pun.

Then for lunch I had yet another omelette and as I was cooking it I realised that I only really looked at recipes for evening meals so I’m kind of in a bind as to what I’m able to do for lunch with what I have in the house at the minute. I’m going to have a proper look around to plan all my meals for next week to make sure that I’m not caught in the same situation.

So todays omelette was supposed to be ham, cheese (Healthy A) and a good helping of free broccoli with free beans but I was in a rush as I was meeting up with my mum so I forgot the ham. It still tasted nice but then I do love broccoli!

I’m actually really proud of the two of us today because my mum, who is also trying Slimming World, and I didn’t do what we normally do when we meet up and get lunch at a pub or a take-away. Our normal go-to dinners were always a big, greasy mixed grill or a 6 piece family feast from KFC with beans for me and gravy for her. None of it good so the fact that we didn’t give in to our normal habits is a step in the right direction.

Finally, for dinner we had the syn free pizza chicken from Slimming Eats along with some home baked chips (that turned into a bit of a smash) and beans. My hubby and I really enjoyed this one but my daughter wasn’t a huge fan of the sauce but she is an awkward sod incredibly picky at the minute and she did eat the majority of it so it’s all good.

As I’ve been so hungry today I actually did snack on a devil fruit, aka a banana, and an apple. I’m still feeling hungry though so I’m glad that it’s coming around to bed time as I can at least sleep through it ready for my bowl of yumminess for the morning.

Right well that’s today pretty much summed up so I’ll leave it here for now.

Take care,


!!!Back to School!!!

Today my mini-me headed back to school after the Christmas break and she was quite conflicted about it for the first time ever. She loves school, she works hard and adores her teachers and friends, so the fact that she wanted to stay home was really quite surprising. Luckily there were no tears on the way (she’s going through an insanely sensitive patch right now and her emotions are all over the place!) and she seemed to be in good spirits when she came home too, so I assume that she got over whatever it was that was making her not want to be there. She still couldn’t tell me what she did at school though, every day I ask and every day I get the same “I don’t know, I don’t remember” answer but then I get this crazy long and incredibly detailed report a few days later so I may know by the end of the week!

Why can’t they ever look the same way at the same time?!?!?!

It wasn’t just my daughter that was back to school today. I was back at my evening class at college for GCSE Maths (making up for mistakes when I was younger) and wow does my head hurt?!?! The tutor brought the same material in as what she gave us in the last class before we broke up so we had to decide what we were less confident with and do some more. There were lots of people doing lots of different things but this bloody mug decided to say that I’m less confident with algebra. ALGEBRA … for two whole fucking hours! Who in their right mind would do that to themselves?!?!

We were also told that next week we have two mock exams to sit in class so I’m now shitting myself as there is so much we haven’t even touched on yet that I’m dreading it. On the plus side, I’ll see what I really need help with so I guess it’s not all that bad.

Have you got kids that have gone back to school? How have you found your day without them? It never feels right for me for the first week but from the playground chatter, I’m seem to be one of the rare ones that would love more time with their kids.

Anyways, now to chill in front of the tv for a little while before bed!



Food Diary – Day 2

I managed it! I made myself breakfast after getting my mini-me off to school and my mini-he fed and changed, and I must admit, I kinda liked it!

My breakfast consisted of a Muller light vanilla yogurt for 1 syn, 45g of Jordans Natural Muesli (where have you been all my life you delicious bitty, chewy goodness!) for my healthy B option and a free banana all mixed together. It didn’t look too appealing but it tasted fab – well it did to start with and then about half way through I remembered that bananas are a bit of a shitty, mushy fruit that I’m not too keen on the texture of so next time I’ll either use less, swap them out for something better or just not bother with them.

My mother always used to say: “The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana”

Betty White

Lunch was another omelette but this time I decided to opt for a bit of a pepper and cheese filling instead. The omelette consisted of 3 eggs (should I bring this down to two?!?! I do like a good filling *oooo errrr missus!* but need to have a good egg to filling ratio going on) with my sprinkling of cheese as a healthy A option, some free wafer thin ham, a free mix of red, green and yellow pepper and half a tin of free baked beans that were left over from yesterday.

I’ve never really been a fan of peppers but I actually really enjoyed them in this so this is definitely one to keep for future eats!

For our evening meal I decided to make a syn free black pepper chicken traybake which I found over at Slimming Eats when I was looking around for inspiration. I love a good traybake, they are so easy to do and it gives me more time to answer my daughters random, and often non-sensical, questions. Today’s best was “Mummy can we go back to that place where I had a sausage? It had loads of other foods too!” I had no clue where she was on about … still don’t and probably never will! Anyways, I digress!

So this traybake had me cooking cauliflower in the oven for the first time and I have to say, it was a huge hit – even my hubby liked it so this is definitely back on the eat again list. I also roasted up some carrots and cooked some broccoli and kale to go along with it and used some syns on some gravy to finish it off. It was lush!

If you’re looking for recipe ideas I’d definitely say to have a look over at Slimming Eats, I’ve only been able to have a brief gander but what I’ve found so far has gone down really well with the family so I’ll be back looking for more scrummy goodness for next weeks meal plan! I think that I have another one of their recipes for tomorrow evening actually so fingers crossed it’s just as well received by my picky lot as tonights was.

Do you have any go-to websites for yummy recipes? If so, let me know by dropping me a comment or using the contact page.

Take care,