Better Planning Needed…

I thought that I’d planned out my meals well but then I started getting fed up of omelette and realised I had very little else in to replace it with – apparently I don’t rank lunch very high on my list of shopping priorities! Hopefully I’ll do better next week.

So I fancied a change from an omelette yesterday which had me taking a walk out to our local corner shop. This is a trip that I have been dreading as my normal shopping behaviour in this shop is to get whatever I need and then, when I go to pay, I’d buy two chocolate bars … most of the time they would both be eaten before I got home.

I am pleased to be able to say that I walked by them without even taking a glance in their direction. I don’t know if it’s just “new dieter determination” which had me breezing by (and not actually feeling like I’ve missed out by not having them) but I’m hoping that this can be start of my new normal!

So I fell asleep before posting yesterday so I’m sticking two food diaries into one post. Yesterday for breakfast I had my trusty muesli with a strawberry yogurt but this time I had it with a selection of defrosted fruits which contained strawberries, raspberries, blackberries (some of which seemed bigger than my head, black and red currants and blueberries. I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of blackcurrants nor blueberries but the rest was passable – I would much prefer fresh fruit with it though!

As the choice at the shop was limited, I ended up getting a jacket potato, salad leaves and I added some carrot, some beans and a sprinkling of cheese. I also held off on the marge which is something that I normally drown a potato in, so I felt pretty good after munching my way through that.

Our evening meal was a chicken dinner with a plate full of veg. We had roasted potato, carrot, parsnip and cauliflower, broccoli and kale with some synned gravy to finish it all off. I love a good roast dinner and I held off of making yorkshire puddings too which is a first!

Today started off the same way with the muesli but I decided that I didn’t want to mix any fruit in with my muesli so I had a banana (insert crude jokes and comments from the hubby) on the school run and sat down to my muesli when I got home.

Lunch was back to making do with what we had in so it was back to an omelette. This time I added wafer thin ham, a little cheese, green, red and yellow pepper and spinach served with beans again. It was the nicest one I’ve had so far and not bad for a leftover scramble!

Dinner this evening was supposed to be some chicken goujons but I couldn’t be bothered so I made myself a mini stir-fry with the chicken, some left over broccoli, more pepper and some soy sauce and synned rice to finish. It was soooooo much better than I expected and will definitely be one that I cook again though I will be adding more veg.

So now we are heading into the weekend! It’s going to be quite a disjointed one as my hubby is going out for the weekend gaming with his friends so I’m taking my daughter to her Razzamataz class tomorrow and staying there for the 2.5 hours whilst her class runs as it’s too far for me to walk back home from to then walk back to get her at kick out – I’m hoping that I can keep her brother entertained whilst we are there!

Well I’ll leave it here for the weekend – have a good one!

Take care,



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