Reward System

I had previously been thinking about if I should reward myself for victories on the scale and if so, then what form these rewards should take but I forgot all about it until I read Danielle’s post over at Half the Girl I Used to be.

I looked back in my food diary and found my list out so for each stone I’ll be rewarding myself something along the lines of this…

1 stone = Tattoo of daughters handwriting on arm

2 stone = Some new kicks – possibly a pair of Cons … we will see how the mood takes me

3 stone = A new dress, probably from as I love their range and right now I’m somewhat obsessed with this Newt Scamander inspired dress!

4 stone = A new, short hair style and colour. I’ve wanted to go short for such a long time but don’t have the confidence to try it partly because of my chunky chops!

5 stone = Another tattoo of some form – I’m hoping that I’ll feel confident enough in myself to have it done between and under my boobs but who knows?!?!

6 stone = A whole new outfit … or maybe a couple depending on how my wardrobe looks at the time – to be fair, I’m expecting it to be in dire need of an overhaul.

7 stone = A family portrait if everyone is game, if not then maybe some boudoir shots for the hub … if I have the confidence to go through with it!

That will leave me 2lbs off of my target 100. If When I lose those I don’t know what I’ll do to be honest. The fact that I will have lost 100lbs is probably reward enough … but then another sneaky tattoo won’t hurt either 😛

What would you have as a reward for reaching your goals?

Take care,



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